What's Next?

Below are some next steps to get you on your way in connecting with your new church family!


If you’re new to Westover, then this step might be for you.

You may say “I already have friends,” but are they friends who are helping you grow in your faith? If so, great! If not, then this is the track to start on.


Whether you’re new to faith in Jesus or you’ve been a Christian for a long time, this step is for you. Knowing Jesus is a continual process.

Attend Faith Essentials class.
Attend Knowing Jesus More class.
Be baptized.


We believe that We’re Better Together and that Strong Faith Builds Strong Families. We were never meant to do life alone.

That’s why it’s essential that you find other Christ-followers who will challengeand encourage you on your personal Growth Track.

Join a Life Group.
Attend Equip classes

Make an impact

We believe that Saved People Serve People and that a Bigger Heaven is a Better Heaven. If we’re truly loving people, that means serving them just like Jesus did so they can experience his life-changing power and make heaven their home one day.

Making an Impact is about rolling up our sleeves and helping people at their point of need - whether that is building orphanages in Africa, feeding programs in our community, or volunteering on a Ministry Team here at Westover.

Family Resources

At Westover, we believe Strong Faith Builds Strong Families. Our Family Ministry provides environments & resources for children of all ages, as well as opportunities designed to strengthen marriages and influence those who are influencing kids and students.

Want to Volunteer?

Click the button below to learn more about serving opportunities at Westover.


Download the Westover App and log in for a personalized experience. You can watch sermons, take notes, register for events, search for a Life Group, give and much more.

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