Job Description

Concessions Manager


Westover Hills Church is seeking a food service professional with a heart for ministry to serve as our Concessions Manager. This part-time seasonal position manages Westover Hills Church concessions in support of the Westover Hills Sports Ministry. The Concessions Manager creates and oversees all menus, manages operations, prepares food, and orders and maintains the inventory of supplies and equipment needed for sports concessions.


Oversee and manage all aspects of the sports concessions and kitchen facilities. Maintain all standards required for health code licensing. Create a high customer-oriented experience in all food service areas. This job is seasonal in nature and hours will vary, so it requires a lot of flexibility. A normal week during a sports season will require 20-30 hours, with work primarily in the afternoon and evenings on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, plus Saturday mornings.


  • Impart Jesus to all and inspire them to love and serve God.
  • Consistent, excellent, reliable, and productive service to the church staff, volunteers, and community within scope of responsibility including extending the missional purpose of the Sports Ministry.
  • Develop an efficient and profitable concessions operation.

  • Supervise concessions staff in their assignments, work hours, time off and assigned projects from origin to completion.
  • Collaborate with other team members to build a better Westover Hills Sports Ministry.
  • Collaborate with Sports Director to accomplish outcomes for sports concessions.
  • Directly accountable to Sports Director.


  • Oversee kitchens to maintain all standards required by Health Department.
  • May be called upon to oversee kitchens in the main church buildings for special events.
  • Serve as the main cook and practice sanitary food preparation and storage.
  • Supervise and train all kitchen and concessions personnel.
  • Manage, facilitate, and assist in creation of approved budget and strategies.
  • Manage all concessions staff, including schedules, assignments, and time off requests.
  • Follow all church policies and Employee Manual (purchasing, health standards, cash handling, etc.)
  • Execute all office-related functions, such as phone calls, written and electronic correspondence, records management, organization, collaboration, information sharing, master calendar, resources, and communication management.
  • Oversee and manage the sports concessions such as inventory, menu creation, vendor contracts, etc.
  • Comply with proper expense documentation best practices, such as submission of purchase requisitions, reimbursement requests, credit card reconciliations, budget accountability, etc.
  • Develop and manage inventory system for kitchen/food supplies.
  • Develop and foster relationships with all vendors to ensure quality service and pricing.
  • Receive and maintain a food handlers’ certificate for licensing compliance.
  • Receive phone calls and emails and relay pertinent information to assigned ministry within 24 hours.
  • Meet regularly with sports staff and attend staff meetings.
  • Maintain spiritual relationship with the Lord. Use wisdom and spiritual discernment in assessing individuals’ needs and requests.
  • Faithfully pray for lead pastor, assigned ministry personnel, and church family.
  • Faithfulness and punctuality to church services and church wide ministry events is essential. Participation in worship is expected.
  • Complete various assignments, duties, and projects unique to the Sports ministry.


  • Agreement with the doctrines and statement of faith of the Assemblies of God. See for detailed information.
  • Serving on a church staff places a person in a ministry context. This necessitates personal integrity, moral godliness, spiritual attitude, a serving heart, and spiritual excellence. (Eph.4:25-32; 5:1-7, 15-18; Phil. 4:8-9; 2:14; Gal. 5:19-21)
  • Extend the heart and spirit of the church, and ultimately the Lead Pastor.
  • Respond with respect, loyalty, confidentiality, compassion, and care.
  • As a representative of the church both during specified work hours and personal time, model and guard Westover Hills culture in word and deed, fully supporting the values and ministry initiatives above personal preferences.
  • Foster high standards of excellence, efficiency, and professionalism.
  • Anticipate challenges and navigate volunteers and/or staff through transitions and change.
  • Be a leader of leaders with the proven ability to equip leaders.
  • Demonstrate experience leading teams toward measurable goals.
  • Be humble, teachable and both welcome and invite feedback.
  • Be a team player and work well with others.
  • Demonstrate the ability to be creative and do what is needed to accomplish the mission.
  • Prefer a fast and flexible work environment.
  • Demonstrate a history of financial generosity in the local church.
  • Membership at Westover Hills Church is preferred.
  • If not already a member of Westover Hills Church, once hired, attend our Growth Track classes, and become a member.


  • Requires at least 1 year of experience and prior experience in a management role.
  • Requires experience as a cook or related role.


  • Send a resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Record a quick video (no longer than 3 minutes). In the video, we’d love to know more about you and hear what makes you interested in exploring this role. Send the link for the video along with your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Share with us any personality profiles you have taken (Strength Finders, DiSC, etc…).
  • Tell us about your Enneagram profile. Click here to discover it:

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