Jobs at Westover

Are you a dedicated follower of Jesus, passionate about making a difference in our church, the community around us, and the world?

We believe a team that encourages, inspires and challenges one another, can do incredible things for God’s kingdom! Our team values are trust, communication, a team-first mentality, ownership, servanthood, innovation and fun, because there is nothing better than serving God with people you love.

We know that every position at Westover plays an important role in carrying out our mission to Follow Jesus and Love People. Whether you’re called to be on a platform or behind the scenes, every role contributes to a bigger heaven. And at Westover we believe that a bigger heaven is a better heaven.

If you are ready to say YES to Westover and take the next step in your calling, we ask that you would prayerfully consider one of our open positions. Apply today to join the team!

Staff Core Values


Trust builds team. We give it and guard it.


We communicate accurately and often. Feedback sharpens focus.


Advancing the team is most important. We set others up for success.


We own the mission. Bringing our best honors God and inspires people.


Servant leaders build influence. We are thoughtful, respectful and teachable.


We are Spirit-led innovators. We prioritize spiritual values and practice flexibility.


There's nothing better than serving God with people you love. Let's laugh freely and celebrate often.

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