Guest Speakers

Bianca Olthoff

"If Jesus is real, raw and revolutionary, we can be too! It's time to get out of the box, color outside of the lines, and live counter-culturally. It's time to live in the name of love."
Bianca describes herself as a "passionate Jesus-loving, bible-teaching, book-writing MexiRican who loves to help people navigate life, connect in community and live significantly."

Rebekah Lyons

"The measure of trial you’ve endured directly relates to the measure of hope you offer the world."
Rebekah Lyons is a national speaker and bestselling author. An old soul with a contemporary, honest voice, Rebekah reveals her own battles to overcome anxiety and depression and invites others to discover and boldly pursue their God-given purpose.

and special guest

Hosanna Wong

Hosanna Wong is an author, pastor, and spoken word artist, sharing stories of freedom and hope with churches, conferences, and events around the country year-round. Her stories and teachings are rooted in her upbringing on the streets of San Francisco.