The Vision

The Sports Complex is our greatest outreach yet.

Westover Sports is a way to extend our heart to families in the community. Through a variety of faith-based sports leagues, anyone in our community can participate in the fun. Along with sports, we hope people will discover a pathway to Christ and continue a life of faith.

Westover seeks to be a positive influence in our community. We are called to express God's heart by any means possible and reach those outside the church. Sports is a part of our everyday culture. Sports provides a positive learning opportunity and fun for the entire family.

  • We believe that by promoting a healthy body and mind we can encourage spiritual health.
  • We believe through athletics, children and youth can develop their talents and discover purpose in their lives.
  • We believe a positive experience through Westover Sports can shape the soul.
  • We believe sharing with and caring for others pleases God.
  • We believe fun is a doorway into the heart.

Any time a child, a parent, a family, or a community gets closer to Jesus,
that’s what we call a win.

— Antonio Daniels, Sports Director
Westover Hills
9340 Westover Hills Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas 78251